Premium Dragon Well / Long Jing Green Tea - Organic (1lb)

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Premium Dragon Well / Long Jing Green Tea - Organic (1lb)

 An early harvest of this beautiful spring hand-picked, hand-produced, organic green tea.  It has a rich, nutty flavor and yields a clear, yellow green infusion.



WATER 90º | 194º F 120ml | 4oz
TEA 1 full Gaiwan (4g)
STEEP STYLE 35 seconds
EQUIPMENT Gaiwan, Teapot, Strainer

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    Wonderful tea

    Posted by Ana C. on 14th Jul 2017

    I spent 6 weeks in the city of Hangzou, China, that is famous for its preserved tea hills within the city. That is where this tea (Dragonwell/Long Jing) is grown, and fell in love with it there. I get the Two Hills organic premium sent to me in the US because it is so good, and true to the best of what I drank over there. I drink it every morning, and make sure not to scald it. I love it strong, and I make two or three infusions with one pot. In Hangzou they use a large glass, and keep refilling it, drinking it with all the green leaves in the bottom! A big thermos of hot water sits on the tables at the tea spots, and you just refill your glass!

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    best green tea for me

    Posted by jane k on 25th Jun 2017

    This Premium Dragon Well is nice and smooth--no bitterness at all as long as you don't overbrew it. I drink it every day and really enjoy the way the caffeine is gently released into my system. For me, it's the perfect tea when I need a lift but don't really want the jolt of coffee. A pound lasts me a long time and keeps well in a sealed container that is not exposed to light. It really is a premium tea.

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    The best way to start the day

    Posted by Laura R on 7th Nov 2016

    I try other green teas, and other brands of Dragonwell, but I come back to twohillstea every time. It is full, rich, fresh, nutty and... something else...Deep. I love it more than a person probably should. If you're not afraid of forming a long term habit, give it a try.

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    my favorite tea--I drink it every day

    Posted by Jane K on 6th Jan 2016

    I've been ordering Premium Dragon Well / Long Jing tea from Two Hills for at least eight years now, maybe longer. It's my favorite tea, and just about the only one I even bother to drink anymore. It's always been a good, high-quality tea--every pound I've ever ordered has been very good quality. I use 185-degree water and brew for two minutes. Then I reinfuse and brew for four or five minutes for the second infusion. The second is almost as good as the first. This tea has a most wonderful property of being both stimulating and relaxing at the same time. I love it! I would hate to have to find a different tea because this one is so perfect!

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    Excellent Taste and Quality

    Posted by Pat Johnson on 2nd Apr 2015

    Dragonwell is a tea I reorder immediately when I get low on it because I can not do without it! The leaves keep together in the brewing process. The taste is full bodied with no bitterness. It is hard to wait for it to steep because it is that good!

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    Exceptional tea

    Posted by SH from Florida on 1st Dec 2014

    I have brewed this tea for many years. It has a delightful flavor and the tea from Two Hills is by far the best available. Highly recommended. Trivia: this style of tea was served to Nixon during his visit to China!

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    pure tea pleasure

    Posted by Bob Prue on 16th Mar 2014

    this dragonwell is superb . The amber straw colored brew is matched by an herby straw-like smell. Mildly astringent at first, the flavor becomes smooth and full. my pot of dragonwell in the morning leaves me with a clarity of mind and optimistic affect. No need for sweeteners, this is a pure tea pleasure.