Two Hills - the first organic tea company in North America!

Posted by Kiret @ THT on 13th Sep 2017

In 1997, a Shanghai native named Haizhen becomes the founder of Two Hills - The oldest organic tea company in North America!

We knew we were one of the first organic tea companies to spring up in North America, but we had no idea we were the very first until recently. That's a title that we're proud of because we've been working hard since the beginning in making sure that all of our teas are organic and pesticide-free. We visit every supplier to check out their crops and to make sure they're organic because we only select tea from certified organic co-op tea farms

Then we bring back all of the tea and regularly test batches to make sure they're completely free of pesticides. Since the beginning, its mattered to us that all of the products at Two Hills are certified organic and free of harmful pesticides and GMOs, because we wouldn't want you to drink anything we wouldn't.

We believe that everyone should have access to organic, pesticide-free, and affordably priced tea!

Two Hills' Founder - Haizhen