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Our Story

We believe that EVERYONE should have access to organic, affordably priced tea.  

The legend says that Haizhen, a Shanghai native and our company’s founder, made her first trip to a tea farm in 1997. The farm manager pointed to two large hills:  "Haizhen, you should lease those two hills... and produce exactly the tea that you want".  

Haizhen could not afford that much land, but she did know exactly the tea that she wanted:  organic, sustainably priced, and delicious.  If she could not have the land, she would travel the land and find the farmers who could produce these teas!

Thus Haizhen founded TWO HILLS TEA in the picturesque town of Nelson, BC, Canada.  The health oriented, organic craving, farmer friendly locals embraced Haizhen's vision... and the rest is history.

We still select tea from and work with certified organic co-op tea farms.  And we maintain close relationships with the farmers, traveling every to origin to inspect the new harvest.  

Organic / Direct Trade / Non-GMO / Loose Leaf


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